🌱PLANT Token

PlantBaseSwap (PLANT) Tokenomics

Token Symbol: PLANT

Maximum Supply: 50,000,000

Initial Supply: None

Developer Allocation: 10% of every mint reward from yield farming

Emission Rate: 0.4 PLANT/sec

Emission Rate Reduction: Occurs every 6 months

PLANT Token address: 0x23082Dd85355b51BAe42248C961E7F83486e7694


The PlantBaseSwap token (PLANT) plays a pivotal role within our ecosystem. Designed to facilitate and incentivize participation in our platform, PLANT offers a transparent and sustainable tokenomics model that aligns with the interests of our community members.

Token Supply

  • Maximum Supply: PLANT tokens are capped at a maximum supply of 50,000,000, ensuring a controlled and deflationary aspect of the token.

  • Initial Supply: There is no initial supply, meaning that PLANT tokens are generated solely through the yield farming process, thereby promoting a fair and decentralized distribution from the outset.

Developer Allocation

  • Developer Reward: A 10% allocation of every minted reward from the yield farming process is reserved for developers. This allocation serves as an incentive for continuous development and improvement of the PlantBaseSwap platform.

Emission Rate Reduction

  • Emission Period: The emission rate is designed to be reduced every 6 months. This feature ensures a gradual reduction in token inflation over time, contributing to the token's long-term sustainability.


PlantBaseSwap's PLANT tokenomics are structured to promote fairness, sustainability, and growth within our ecosystem. With a controlled maximum supply, and emission rate reductions, we aim to create an environment where all participants can benefit from the success and growth of the platform.

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